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nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek - a brand of reliable liquid leak detection systems along with sensor cables and monitoring systems for hydrocarbon and water applications. It helps detect and locate the source of a leak, allowing corrective action to be taken before an incident becomes the news of the day.

NVent RAYCHEM TraceTek leak detection solutions mean better protection for buildings, data centers, server rooms, tank storage facilities, airports, pipelines, refueling ports and refineries, resulting in environmental and reputational concerns for facility owners.

As the only one in the world, we have a detection system based on sensor wires (linear sensors) that use an advanced polymer structure cross-linked with radiation to provide 100% non-metallic environmental exposure, so there is no corrosion or degradation of other materials. The sensor wires will indicate in the control panel the leakage of most liquids at the point of origin with an accuracy of one meter.


water leak detection

  • Fast detection of small liquid leaks with a minimum puddle size of 5 cm.
  • Accurate localization of the leak location along the detection cable path up to 1 m cable length.
  • Signal transmission via relay output, analog output or via Modbus protocol.
  • It is possible to connect systems in the form of single measurement loops or entire systems with multiple loops with lengths from 1 m to 1500 m.
  • The main touch panel of the control panel is capable of monitoring up to 250 such loops.
  • Extremely durable sensor cables for multiple or single use. The manufacturer's extensive experience has created durable cables that are small in size and resistant to corrosion and abrasion.
  • Modular system ensures easy design and quick installation and expansion.
  • Mounting the nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek system requires no specialized tools.
  • Standard cable lengths are preterminated with connectors. Simply connect all the system components together and the system is ready for operation. Similarly, expansion of the system is also simple.

water leak detection


Water flood sensor in the form of a sensor cable
A failure of the sanitary system, sewage system, a leak in a hot or cold water pipe or central heating system can completely destroy industrial facilities, server rooms or other business-critical facilities. That is why the nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek water leak detection system, which is based on sensor wires, is increasingly being used in such places. How do sensor wires work and why are they so effective in detecting water leaks?
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Acid Leak Detection
TT7000-HUV sensing cables are primarily intended for use on overhead piping, vertical pipe, valves and manifolds and other fittings where concentrated sulfuric or nitric acid could leak.
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Water leakage detection from pumps, tanks, valves
An effective and fast system for signaling water leaks from pumps, tanks and valves is very important. There is a large amount of water in such pipelines and tanks, which, in case of failure, can be very dangerous, causing great damage to property. That's why TraceTek early warning systems for leaks are becoming more and more popular.
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Water leakage detection from air conditioners and fan coil units
Failures of air conditioners and fan coils happen quite often. Such accidents are particularly dangerous in all kinds of industrial and business buildings, whose flooding with water will bring high losses. It is worth noting that a water leak detection system is an excellent way to prevent such failures. On what principle does such a system work and why is it so effective in protecting against failure?
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Water leakage detection from condensate discharge pipes
Detection system for water leakage from pipes draining condensate from air conditioners / splits. The TT1100-OHP sensor cable is mounted along the pipes from which water may leak. The system monitors the various rooms in which the TTSIM-1A units are installed. These units transmit all events to the TTDM-128 control panel.
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