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Sample projects

Wired water sensors in drip trays
We have fabricated stainless steel drip trays that have been mounted under the ceiling in critical areas where water can enter from a leaking ceiling. The drip trays were equipped with TraceTek TT1000 wired sensors that detect water along their entire length.
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Detection of leaks from fuel transport pipelines
The nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek TT5000 sensor cable installed at the bottom of a concrete channel containing pipelines distributing diesel fuel from an external aboveground storage tank. This provides early warning of a small fuel leak before it becomes an environmental or safety hazard.
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Water leakage detection from pumps, tanks, valves
An effective and fast system for signaling water leaks from pumps, tanks and valves is very important. There is a large amount of water in such pipelines and tanks, which, in case of failure, can be very dangerous, causing great damage to property. That's why TraceTek early warning systems for leaks are becoming more and more popular.
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Water leakage detection from air conditioners and fan coil units
Failures of air conditioners and fan coils happen quite often. Such accidents are particularly dangerous in all kinds of industrial and business buildings, whose flooding with water will bring high losses. It is worth noting that a water leak detection system is an excellent way to prevent such failures. On what principle does such a system work and why is it so effective in protecting against failure?
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Water leakage detection from condensate discharge pipes
Detection system for water leakage from pipes draining condensate from air conditioners / splits. The TT1100-OHP sensor cable is mounted along the pipes from which water may leak. The system monitors the various rooms in which the TTSIM-1A units are installed. These units transmit all events to the TTDM-128 control panel.
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