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Detection of chemical leaks | How it's working?

Detection of chemical leaks | How it's working?

Leaking chemicals pose a major threat to the environment, people, as well as buildings and equipment in the vicinity. For this reason, it is important to quickly alert to the occurrence of leaks. The nVent RAYCHEM company has developed an effective TraceTek system that not only alerts you to a leak, but also pinpoints its exact location. How does it work? See for yourself!

How does the chemical leak detection system work?

The key component of the pipeline leak detection system is the TraceTek detection cable. It is mounted to the monitored object: pipeline, valve, tank or pump. When a chemical leak occurs, a signal is generated in the cable, running to the SIM interface module. There it is processed by a processor. In this way, information about the exact location of the failure is obtained. All data is stored in the memory of the device.At the same time it is sent to the alarm and location module. Providing the exact location of the failure on the screen makes it easier to quickly find the problem and repair it before the leak becomes problematic and causes damage. Rapid repair also prevents production interruptions.

Benefits of a chemical leak detection system

Why is the solution from nVent RAYCHEM so widely recognized and popular? This is due to many important advantages of this system, such as:Continuous monitoring of large facilities. TraceTek detection cable can be installed on long pipelines. It also works well on tanks - just place it spirally at appropriate intervals to detect and locate any leak. The chemical leak detection system not only sends a signal of failure, but also indicates the exact location of the problem. The efficiency of the system is also important. A properly selected sensor cable detects a chemical leak, while being insensitive to water appearing on pipelines or tanks (no frequent false alarms). Installation of the nVent RAYCHEM system does not require large investments in hundreds of measuring sensors and expensive control systems. Instead, all you need is a single cable, connected to the SIM interface module.Inexpensive, easy to install and operate, and above all, an effective solution is becoming increasingly popular - it is worth betting on a proven chemical leak detection system from nVent RAYCHEM.

Where are chemical leak detection systems most commonly used?

Firms that use, process and produce environmentally harmful chemicals are required to use appropriate nature conservation measures. Among the many leak detection systems in use, the nVent RAYCHEM: TraceTek solution demonstrates particularly high efficiency, while making it easier to find and repair failures. Therefore, it is gaining popularity both for protecting linear objects, mainly pipelines, and point objects: pumps, valves, tanks or connections (flanges). Such an installation not only protects the surroundings and the environment from the harmful effects of leaking chemicals, but also reduces the company's losses associated with the loss of the transmitted medium.

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