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Detection of diesel leakage from diesel generators

Detection of diesel leakage from diesel generators

Commercial facilities increasingly need to have backup power sources, and the most common way to provide this power is through diesel-powered generators. However, pumping and storing diesel inside a building poses a fire risk that exceeds the rapid acceleration that a water sprinkler system can control. FM Global has issued FM 7745 "Approval standard for diesel engine leak detectors." The TT-FFS probe and the TT5000 fuel detection sensor cable have been tested by FM approvals and are certified to meet the requirements of the new standard.

Safety is the primary concern of most petroleum fuel handling companies and environmental protection comes second. Regulatory frameworks in both areas are becoming more stringent, so if your business involves the production, transportation, storage, refining or consumption of fuels, you need to consider the possibility of a spill.

Diesel generator leakage signaling


Hospitals, server rooms, large office buildings and many other commercial and institutional facilities require diesel-powered backup generators. In many older buildings, generators have been squeezed into spaces that were not originally designed for this purpose. Each generator requires a day tank, fuel pumps, valves, hose connections and similar components. Often there is a connection of supply and return piping to a larger underground diesel storage tank outside the building footprint. An undetected diesel leak poses a serious fire hazard, and its ignition can lead to a rapidly growing fire beyond the extinguishing capabilities of sprinkler systems.


TraceTek TT5000 is a fuel detection sensor cable that can detect and locate leaks of gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, petroleum and similar hydrocarbon liquids. It will not detect or respond to water. The TT5000 can be deployed around the base of a generator, around a storage tank, in double-walled pipes, directly under pipelines or along pipelines buried in the ground, and in similar applications. The cable is available in outdoor (aboveground), underground and indoor versions.

The TT5000 sensor cable can monitor hundreds of meters of piping and, in conjunction with a suitable alarm panel, display leakage information with the accuracy of 1 meter of sensor cable. Je is a feature of all TraceTek sensor cables.

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