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Detection of leaks from fuel transport pipelines

Detection of leaks from fuel transport pipelines

The nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek TT5000 sensor cable installed at the bottom of a concrete channel containing pipelines distributing diesel fuel from an external aboveground storage tank. This provides early warning of a small fuel leak before it becomes an environmental or safety hazard.

TraceTek leak detection and localization systems can monitor miles of buried single-walled pipelines for fuel leaks, provide accurate location of a small developing leak and close valves before disaster strikes, and interface with a pipeline monitoring system or BMS.

The TraceTek TT5000 does not react to the presence of rainwater and snow, the alarm is raised only when in contact with hydrocarbon liquid. The location of the leak is given with an accuracy of one meter.

Installation by

detection of fuel leaks from pipes

detection of fuel leaks from pipes

sensor for fuel leakage under the pipes

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