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Monitoring for leaks and leaks in double-walled tanks with TT-FLASHER-BE

Monitoring for leaks and leaks in double-walled tanks with TT-FLASHER-BE

nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek TT-FLASHER-BE is an inexpensive, battery-powered device that emits an easy-to-see flashing light signal whenever the TraceTek sensor cable or probe detects liquid. Because the device is completely self-contained and requires no external connections, installation is simple and inexpensive.

fuel water leakage indicator lamp

Is intrinsically safe and rated for use in hazardous areas

TT-FLASHER-BE runs on two long-life "AA" alkaline batteries. Since the available voltage is limited to 3.3V and TraceTek's sensor wires and probes require very limited energy, this device is approved as intrinsically safe. The sensor cable, probes and TTFLASHER-BE itself can be installed in most hazardous areas.

leak detection in the ex zone

TT-FLASHER-BE can monitor any of the TraceTek family of sensor cables:

  • TT3000 detects conductive liquids (water, acids, chemicals)

or cables that do not respond to water and moisture:

  • TT5000 detects fuels
  • TT5001 detects organic solvents
  • TT7000 detects strong sulfuric acid and nitric acid
  • TT-FFS fast-acting fuel detection probe


TT-FLASHER-BE provides simplicity of operation at the highest level: A flashing RED light indicates that a leak has been detected. There are no external relay signals or connections to other alarm systems. A TEST button makes it easy to check battery voltage and sensor wire integrity.

TraceTek's nVent RAYCHEM systems also offer solutions for monitoring multiple tanks and entire storage tank farms on one main alarm panel.

Fast Installation

TT-FLASHER-BE mounts on a 2" pipe. A connection cable and the appropriate sensor cable for the application must be connected to the unit. The system does not require specialized tools.

Double-wall steel tank

Sensor wires are placed in the vertical monitoring pipe.

Double-wall fiberglass tank

Sensor wires enter the tank through the plenum rise pipe. The wires run on one side of the tank and slightly under the bottom.

Two sensor wires with a modular manifold

In tanks installed underground with TT-FLASHER-BE, we can monitor the leakage of the inner shell while controlling the leakage of the outer shell of the tank by monitoring the ingress of ground water into the bunded space.

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