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Water flood sensor in the form of a sensor cable

Water flood sensor in the form of a sensor cable

A failure of the sanitary system, sewage system, a leak in a hot or cold water pipe or central heating system can completely destroy industrial facilities, server rooms or other business-critical facilities. That is why the nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek water leak detection system, which is based on sensor wires, is increasingly being used in such places. How do sensor wires work and why are they so effective in detecting water leaks?

What is a sensor wire?

A sensor wire, is a wire whose function is to detect liquid leaks. It is worth noting that such cables are also known as sensor cables, line sensors, etc. To give an idea of the method of operation of the entire system, it is worth breaking down the structure of a single cable. A sensor cable consists of two insulated wires and two conductive electrodes coated with polymer. As for the operation of such a wire, it is at a constant low voltage (5-9 volts), while the task of the internal resistors is to limit the current flow through the loops of the sensor wire to about 75 microamperes.

Sensor cable for water leak detection

The system works by monitoring the actual amount of current flowing by measuring the voltage drop (V1) on the internal reference resistor. When a leakage occurs, the extra current then "seeks" the path with the lowest resistance and then flows through the leakage. This then causes an increased current flow through the so-called reference resistor. Finally, the increased voltage drop across the reference resistor is signaled by sounding an alarm.

Which sensor cables are most commonly used for water leak signaling?

For cables installed in water leak detection systems, the most commonly used cables are the TT1000 and TT1100-OHP. In the TraceTek system, it is possible to monitor multiple distributed locations from one central point. It is worth noting that, in this case, the TT-TS12 alarm module and TTSIM-1A external devices guarantee flexible coverage throughout the entire building that requires water leak detection.

Sensor cables are an extremely important part of water leak detection systems. Their flexibility allows any arrangement of such wires in a given room, making the system's response to a water leak fast and very precise, as the wires allow locating such a leak up to 1 meter. The TT-TS12 alarm panel can monitor up to 384,000 meters of TraceTek cables.

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