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Water flood sensor, sensor wire or point sensor?

Water flood sensor, sensor wire or point sensor?

Water leak detection systems are becoming increasingly popular, as they noticeably minimize the damage and costs caused by the failure of sanitary or air conditioning systems. It is worth noting that in such systems there is a twofold way of detecting such leaks - through sensor wires, as well as using point sensors. Which way of detecting a leak is more precise, and what are the main differences between a sensor wire and a point sensor?

What are point sensors?

Water point sensors are defined as probes designed to detect water in specific and small zones. This type of sensor is usually mounted on the floor or on the wall, in a place where water can reach a critical level. Point water sensors are characterized by a small area of operation, as they detect water leaks only in a small zone around the device. Nevertheless, they are a good solution if you need a system that will warn you of a critical level that water can reach.

Why are sensor cables more effective than point sensors?

Water flood sensor

For locations and facilities where flooding is not an option, sensor cables will be much more effective. It is worth mentioning that these cables are also sometimes referred to as sensor cables. A water leak detection system that is based on sensor cables performs much better in detecting even the smallest leaks, precisely because of its construction in the form of a cable that detects water anywhere along its entire length.

Water point detectors cover only a small area with their detection area, while sensor cables can be distributed along the most sensitive areas, such as plumbing, air conditioning systems, or central heating systems.

The TraceTek sensor cables are capable of detecting water leakage with an accuracy of up to 1 meter along their entire length, so they are perfect for both large-scale facilities and small areas dense with expensive equipment (server rooms).

Summary: sensor cables have greater accuracy and cover much larger areas than is the case with point water sensors.

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