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Water leakage detection from air conditioners and fan coil units

Water leakage detection from air conditioners and fan coil units

Failures of air conditioners and fan coils happen quite often. Such accidents are particularly dangerous in all kinds of industrial and business buildings, whose flooding with water will bring high losses. It is worth noting that a water leak detection system is an excellent way to prevent such failures. On what principle does such a system work and why is it so effective in protecting against failure?

The entire leak detection system is based on sensor cables, i.e. sensors that allow the detection of failure very quickly after its occurrence. In the case of air conditioners and fan coils, wired sensors perform much better than point sensors for a simple reason - the wires run exactly along the most important pipes that are prone to failure. As a result, the entire system is able to detect a leak much faster and initiate an alarm. In this particular case, TaceTek TT1100-OHP sensor cables were used, which provide the maximum level of rapid leak detection.

The heart of this system is the TTA-SIM-2 module, which is capable of monitoring up to 150 meters of sensor cable. The alarm panel is built of durable polycarbonate to withstand operation even in harsh conditions. The alarm sound is 60 dB, so that any leakage is signaled loudly and clearly. What's more, LEDs provide readouts for power supply, sensor problems, communication status, and leakage indication. On the other hand, the LCD display shows the value on which meter of the sensor cable the water leakage occurred. The TTA-SIM-2 module has a potential-free contact and the ability to connect to a ModBus network to use it for your needs.

In summary, the water leak detection system for air conditioners and fan coils is an excellent way to protect any building that has air conditioning. Then even the smallest leak is detected at maximum speed, which translates into complete protection against flooding.

air conditioning water leak detection system

drip tray water sensor

pipe water leakage sensor

Water leak detection and localization system

din rail water sensor

split water leakage signaling

signaling of water leaks from the fan coil unit 

water sensor with relay

drip tray for water from the air conditioner

water leakage sensor with relay


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