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Modular design, sample schematics

nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek is a versatile modular system with interchangeable components that can be configured in many different ways. Standard lengths of sensor cables nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek are equipped with connectors that connect without special tools, making it easy to modify or configure and expand the system in the future. An assortment of alarm panels and modules, as well as modular components, allows the system to be customized for a huge number of applications.

Sensor cable, modular design

The following guide shows typical small system configurations nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek. For more information, see datasheets and manuals.

Covering a small area - basic system

The simple, cost-effective TraceTek system is used for small area monitoring and is an independent installation designed for a dedicated area or process. This type of system works well for independent alarm notification or direct control of a device. It is based, for example, on the nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek TTC-1 or TTA-SIM alarm module.

Alarm relays in the TTC-1 module can be used to control devices (e.g., closing a valve), notify an alarm and/or signal an alarm to the host system. The sensor cable can be arranged to provide full detection of leaks under pumps, around tanks, in boilers, basements, etc.

In the example on the right, we have additionally used the TT-MJC modular extension cable, which allows the alarm panel to be placed at a location away from the sensor cable, the monitored area. This example also uses a TTA-SIM alarm panel with built-in sounder.

Indoor leakage signaling

TT-MBC splitter system

It consists of the following basic parts:

  • alarm panel or module
  • connection cable (between the module and the monitored area) TT-MLC
  • tT-MJC modular extension cable
  • tT-MBC modular manifold
  • sensor cables
  • tT-MET modular termination
  • accessories, such as clips and badge

Each of the two legs in the TT-MBC modular branch is additionally an "area separator". Each branch simulates 4.5 meters of sensor cable, this should be taken into account when designing the system and adding the appropriate panel or alarm module.

leakage monitoring

Area coverage in a couple of rooms

More advanced systems are designed to cover larger areas. They provide leak localization through the use of an appropriate alarm module. The figure below shows an extensive system with multiple leak detection circuits, monitored by a TTSIM-2 alarm panel. A TT-MBC modular circuit splitter was used to create multiple sensor circuits. The TT-WL-4.5M distance separator was used to simulate an additional wire length in a circuit whose value is 4.5 meters.

The figure shows the system map created after installation. Numbered reference points (e.g., designation 125 in the figure) indicate the leak location distance observed at each point in the mapping process. During a leak, the system map makes it easy to determine the leak location distance on the TTSIM-2 alarm panel with respect to a specific part of the leak detection circuit.

In the figure below, "A" indicates the location where the sensor circuit transitions to a new room; a distance separator is used at this location. The distance separator simulates a sensor cable of 4.5 meters, so the system map will show a clear division between the separate areas.

"B" shows a branch in a sensor circuit where a TT-MBC modular branch is used. Each branch also like the TT-WL-4.5 area separator simulates a 4.5-meter-long sensor wire to achieve a clear division into areas. When designing a system with a TT-MBC branch, subtract 9 meters of active cable from the length of the active circuit the panel or alarm module can handle. The number of branches is limited only by the length of the sensor circuit.

leak detection in a couple of rooms

Enormous possibilities of the system

The range of capabilities of the system is huge, for example:

  • traceTek TT-TS12 alarm panel can monitor up to 246 TTSIM modules,
  • tTDM-128 alarm panel up to 128 TTSIM modules.

Of which each:

  • tTSIM-1 module can monitor up to 1500 m of sensor cable each,
  • tTSIM-1A and TTSIM-2A modules can monitor 150 m of sensor wire each.

leak detection