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AquiTron AT-APA alarm panel with leak location, 4 zones of 100 m each
AquiTron AT-APA alarm panel with leak location, 4 zones of 100 m each
AquiTron AT-APA alarm panel with leak location, 4 zones of 100 m each
AquiTron AT-APA alarm panel with leak location, 4 zones of 100 m each

AquiTron AT-APA alarm panel with leak location, 4 zones of 100 m each

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The AquiTron AT-APA alarm panel is a high-performance leak detection alarm module for use with TraceTek sensor cables. Up to 4 separate leak detection zones can be connected to the module. Each zone can be connected to 10 point probes or up to 100 meters of sensor cable. Each circuit can be divided into up to 10 "zones" and each zone can be given an individual name. Thanks to this and the many methods available for connecting external devices, this panel can be used in almost any application. The alarm panel gives the location of the leak with an accuracy of +/- 1 meter of sensor cable.


This compact panel is suitable for integration into a building's computer network, and in the event of a leak, it will automatically send an alert to notify staff of the problem. The module can be easily configured and data checked locally via the touch screen or remotely via the built-in web server. Any leakage is displayed on the module's touch screen and a buzzer is activated. Automatic alarms are sent via SNMP or e-mail, and the alarm relay is enabled. All alarm data can be viewed remotely. All alarms are stored in the module's memory with time stamp and details. The location of the leak can be easily identified on a PDF diagram that can be loaded into the alarm module. The AT-APA can be easily integrated into any building management system by configuring relay contacts or reading a standard Modbus TCP / IP register.


The AT-APA's metal housing can be easily mounted on a wall. The panel has a large touch screen and a 90 decibel audible alarm. It provides visual and audible indications for stand-alone applications. Full connectivity is available via BACNet, ModBus or via "Leak Detected" and "Fault Detected" (wire break or power loss) voltage-free relays on each of the four channels for connection to BMS and/or other remote monitoring systems. In addition, full remote control and monitoring is available via a web server connected via RJ45 or Wi-Fi. The AT-APA panel operates from 100 to 230 V AC (50/60 Hz), 24 V AC and 12/24 V DC. Battery backup for 24-hour operation in the event of a power failure can be easily provided with the AT-PSU-12-1 add-on.


The AT-APA is ideally suited for projects where cost-effective solutions for precise leak detection are required, such as commercial spaces or individual residential properties. Suitable areas: server rooms, data centers, large catering outlets, elevator shafts, basements, technical rooms, tanks and pumping stations, etc.

Example 1

water leak detection

  • The AT-APA alarm panel monitors areas of a couple of rooms simultaneously.
  • One panel can manage all four areas and give the location of the leak with an accuracy of 1 meter
  • Voltage-free alarm relays can be used to activate local remote "AT-RAP" alarm panels in each area to provide additional visual and audible alarms.
  • Up to 100 meters of sensor cable can be used on each of the 4 circuits of the AT-APA panel.

Example 2

water leak detection

  1. Zone 1 Perimeter coverage commonly used to protect against perimeter leaks or leaks from adjacent rooms.
  2. Zone2 Spot probes sensing water located at the lowest points or in embankment areas or drip trays.
  3. Zone 3 HVAC perimeter protection when chilled water or condensate pipe is in front of units.
  4. Zone 4 HVAC perimeter protection when the chilled water or condensate pipe is fed from above and the high level sensor wire in the drip tray or attached to the pipes.

Example 3

water leakage alarm panel

The AT-APA control panel can be located away from the monitored areas, i.e. in the security, control or BMS room.

  • Sensor cables and probes can be combined in the same sensor circuit.
  • The water detection sensor cable, TT1000, is available in lengths of 1, 3, 5, 7.5, 15, 25 meters.
  • Modular connection cable is available in lengths of 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 25 meters.
  • Modular extension cables are available in lengths of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 meters.
  • Select components with plastic connectors (suffix PC for TT1000 and TT1100) and with suffix MC for metal connectors for TT5000.

"A" shows the TT-MBC modular manifold in the sensor circuit. The branch connector is wired, so the connected branch appears in series, the middle leg first. The branch connector also adds a simulated sensor cable length of 4.5 meters on each leg to provide a clear division between areas or sections of the sensor cable. The number of branch connectors is limited only by the total length of the sensor circuit.
"B" shows where the sensor circuit jumps to a new room or area and the area separator TT-WL is used. The area seprator simulates a 4.5-meter sensor cable, so the "System Map" will show clear divisions between separate areas.
"C" shows the modular extension cable and connection cable used at the beginning of the system in the direction from the panel. They are also used between different sections of sensor cables. Maximum of 500 meters per circuit.
"D" represents the TT-MET modular termination used at the end of each sensor cable circuit. When using TT-FLAT-PROBE end-of-line loops, install at the last probe.

Example application - detecting water leaks in data centers and server rooms

Detection of water leaks in data centers and server roomsThe sensor cable for water leak detection nVent RAYCHEM TT1000 is installed under the raised floor near all air conditioning units, chilled water pipes, etc. The sensor cable can also be installed at a high level in gutters above critical equipment components and devices. See datasheet TT1000.

Example application - Detection of water leaks from overhead pipes

Detection of water leaks from overhead pipes

nVent RAYCHEM the TT1100-OHP sensing cable is similar to the TT1000. However, it comes with a unique polyester braided cable layer that provides moisture wicking to ensure water is absorbed and an alarm signal is generated faster with the location of the leak. The rope layer also provides additional insulation where sharp metal edges can be a problem, and works well to protect sensor electrodes in dirty or dusty areas. The fiber is sized to dry quickly, so once a leak is located and repaired, the cable will dry quickly and be ready for reuse. TTthe 1100-OHP is a diffuse sensor that can be attached to the underside of the suspended pipe with cable ties. There is no need for a drip tray for water to come in contact with the sensor cable.

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To download
Producer code
Independent work
Possibility of connecting slave modules
Master module can be connected
Accuracy of leak location
+/- 1 m
Number of zones
Maximum length of sensor cable
100 m per zone
... or the maximum number of point sensors
6 per zone (with 1 point sensor = 15 m of sensor cable)
Compatible with sensor cables
All TraceTek
Compatibility with point sensors
All TraceTek and AquiTron (exception AT-OFS, AT-IOS, AT-OPSEN require additional power supply)
Additional sensor
Optional AT-APA-HTS temperature and humidity sensor
Power supply
12 V DC; 110 - 230 V AC
Power support
Required additional equipment AT-PSU-12-1
LED indicators
7" LCD touch screen; resolution: 800 x 480 pixels; screen size: 155 x 86 mm.
Audible alarm
Graphic map with location of leaks
Diagram in PDF format
Event log
BMS, Modbus, TCP-IP, BACnet
Connecting to the Internet
Via built-in WiFi or LAN
Network connection
LAN via RJ45 connector
4 SPDTs - leakage, one per zone
1 SPDT - circuit break / fault / power failure
Powder-coated steel, matte white color
Dimensions (w x h x d) mm
268 x 275 x 55
Cable outputs
20 mm x 5 ribs at the bottom
Degree of protection
IP 20