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TraceTek TT5000-HS sensor cable for detection of gasoline, oil, kerosene, Jet A | underground installation, bunded spaces | without connectors

TraceTek TT5000-HS sensor cable for detection of gasoline, oil, kerosene, Jet A | underground installation, bunded spaces | without connectors

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The nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek sensor cable TT5000-HS detects the presence of liquid hydrocarbon fuels at any point along its length, but does not respond to the presence of water. The cable, installed with a TraceTek alarm-location module, detects the presence of liquid, triggers an alarm and indicates the location to within one meter.


The TT5000-HS sensor cable is designed for use in a PVC drainage pipe and is constructed with an outer layer of polyethylene fibers to provide extra tensile strength and low friction during the installation process. The core of the sensor cable is standard TT5000 with a well-documented response time, numerous third-party qualifications and years of successful applications. The cable is designed to be pulled through 42 mm or 1½ inch diameter PVC conduit with 80 mm openings and up to 240 m in length between inspection boxes.


The TT5001-HS sensor cable can be purchased by the meter, cut to the desired length at the installation site and connected in-house using TraceTek metal connector kits. Sold in bulk, minimum order length 30 m. Maximum length on drum 250 m.


The TT5000-HS sensor cable has a glossy white outer layer of rope fibers. The outer layer of polyethylene lagging is made of many individual fibers, which together increase the pulling force limit to more than 100 kg. At the same time, this outer layer significantly reduces the frictional resistance between the cable and the PVC channel, making it easier to cover long distances between pull boxes. Single circuits of up to 1,000 meters can be monitored using a single sensor interface module (SIM). Multiple SIM modules can be easily networked to provide greater coverage along pipelines. Alarm and control panels with up to 127 or 250 SIM modules are standard.


TraceTek uses radiation crosslinking and conductive polymer technology to manufacture TT5000-HS cables. The combination of the water- and chemically-resistant inner wall and the increased strength of the polyethylene outer layer of the cable yields a product well suited for detecting underground leaks. The cable is able to withstand both rigorous installation conditions and long years of underground service in contact with ground water and various soil conditions. The cable stands up well to slightly acidic or alkaline conditions, contact with detergents and other similar harsh conditions. The cable can even be installed in many "brown field" conditions where older leaks have been cleaned up, but traces of hydrocarbons remain present in the soil and groundwater.

RESPONSE TIME (other hydrocarbons please contact us)

  • Gasoline - 12 minutes
  • #1 diesel - 60 minutes
  • #2 diesel - 120 minutes
  • JP5 jet fuel - 70 minutes
  • JP8 jet fuel - 50 minutes
  • Jet-A jet fuel - 50 minutes
  • Xylene - 20 minutes

*Response time is affected by operating temperature, typical response time at 20°C is given. Consult your distributor for specific reaction times at other temperatures or other liquids.


The cables function normally after exposure to ASTM D543 at 23°C for seven days.

  • Sulfuric Acid 10%
  • Hydrochloric acid 10%
  • Nitric acid 10%
  • Sodium hydroxide 10%


  • P000001207 - TT5000-HUV-CK-MC-M/F - set of 5 male and 5 female connectors to create 5 cables by yourself.


TraceTek TT5000-HS budowa


detection of fuel leaks under the tank


TraceTek TT5000-HS

detection of leaks along pipes from the ground

To download
Producer code
Accuracy of leak location
+/- 1 m
Liquid detection
Gasoline, diesel, motor fuel, xylene, Jet A and other hydrocarbons
Ignorance of water
Installation location
Drainage pipes in the ground along pipelines or under aboveground tanks. Pipelines and double wall tanks.
The size of the leak that triggers the alarm
Min. 50 mm at any point of the sensor cable
Cable drying time/resettability
Replace after exposure to hydrocarbon fluids
Wire diameter
7.0 mm
Connector diameter
13 mm
Minimum cable bending radius
50 mm
Maximum operating temperature
Weight of the cable
7.3 kg / 100 m